Full and bold eyebrows are more fashionable than ever. If you took away too much hair from this area, or have always had little hair, or always have to put make up on for it to be dark, no problem, with the microblading technique we can solve this.

The microblading allows us to draw the eyebrow hair by hair to give a real and natural 3D appearance. It is a semi-permanent makeup technique in which we introduce the pigment in the epidermis through small incisions in it. It is not tattoo, since the pigment is introduced manually, more superficially with a softer and more natural result simulating hairs.

The treatment consists of two applications with a distance of one month between them. The duration depends on the type of skin, blood type, routine and skin care. In general it is between 9 months to a year. Post-treatment care is essential for the satisfactory outcome of the treatment.

Price: 380 euros, includes prior consultation and design of what would be your new eyebrows, allergy test, microblading, review and retouch the following month.