Chi Spa is an avant-garde salon for hair color and care.

We offer customized solutions that fit your needs.

We work with products that respect your hair, scalp and the environment. Our goal is a natural, healthy and perfectly cared for hair. We assist you with your the cut, color and technique that best suits you so that you leave more resplendent than ever.


Somos We are specialists in organic and vegan coloration. In addition, we have our own technique for highlights, with which we achieve a very elegant result. Always respecting the naturalness of the hair.


Coloring and discoloration in oil bath without ammonia. An organic color with aloe vera (instead of water), that is composed of protective and moisturizing oils, spirulina and a set of amino acids.

€55 session


Our famous technique of “touches of light” created in Chi Spa. With this technique we provide natural hues, suntouched effect, to enhance the points of light hair all over.



A fusion method where we can have a 100% coverage of the roots and natural highlights at the same time in a natural way.



Perfect for when we want to do away with unwanted tones, or if we want to add extra shine.



A natural vitamins filler treatment to nourish the hair fiber, to plump, repair and provide volume.



Our star treatment. Undoubtedly, exoplasty is a treatment to the order of the day, where we get our hair nourished, repaired and treated, eliminating at the same time the frizz and unwanted curls.



20% discount on all services for under 20 years of age.




Always more than a cut or a hairstyle. It’s an experience that includes expert advice, even if you just want to cut the ends, but it goes until drastic changes of look. You are in for double washing, invigorating capillary massage, cutting, styling, and final touches.

And if you have an event (weddings, baptisms, communions) or a dinner, a gala party or where you want to show off, it is essential to pass through our salon to find that fabulous hairstyle or up-do that you will dazzle at any party.

Deluxe hairstyle: €30  
Cut and dry: €50
Collected: €50
Men’s cut: €20


We capture the richness of the natural world and deposit our ingredients on the hair and scalp in the form of sweet rituals, to achieve immediate and visible effects.

We identify the shortcomings and needs of each hair and scalp to create the appropriate treatment, adapted to the needs and condition of the same.

All treatments are made with a previous diagnosis and recommendation. Absolute well-being of hair and scalp.


A highly personalized treatment that caters to the different hair needs: the scalp, the length and the ends, each having different requirements. Multi-masking takes into account the particular characteristics of each hair, providing benefits for the joint use of different masks and enjoying an exclusive treatment.


Indiba Capilar:

The hair application of Indiba Deep Beauty treats problems of alopecia, hair loss and weakened hair. The only natural and non-invasive method that provides results in cases of hair loss, and is able to promote hair growth and strengthen it optimally. It helps blood circulation, increases irrigation, provides oxygen, always respecting cellular physiology.

30 minutes – €45


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