A personalized solution to recover the health and beauty of your hair at any time of the year. With this treatment, multimasking style, you revert the main damages of your hair.

Address problems such as:

– Elasticity and flexibility
– Dryness and opacity
– Damaged, rough and irregular cuticles
– The loss of hydration
– The deterioration of lipids and fatty acids
– The intercellular cement
– Loss of volume

Up to 5 different products are used, one or all, according to the initial diagnosis, in which the necessities are determined.

My cocktail

– Repairs damaged cuticles and leaves them sealed and soft
– Prevents breakage
– Hydrates in depth
– Improves elasticity
– Repairs the interior of the cortex
– Replenishes intense hydration levels
– Replenishes lipids with biomimetic oils and lost amino acids

Treatment only 35 euros, with hairstyle 55 euros