Facial service

MULTIVITAMIN 60min - 70€

A tune-up according to skin type, that includes a moisturizing, facial massage, multivitamin mask and clean-up of eyebrows.

CARITA: Lift Fermeté 105min - 129€ 75min - 90€

By joining anti-aging products, hand massage, with the PRO-LIFT and Rénovateur, this treatment offers firming and revitalizing with a smoothing effect. The skin will be firm and toned, and wrinkles smoothed.

CARITA: Hydratation des Lagons 90min - 95€ 60min - 70€

It promotes the natural mechanisms of hydration and skin cell vitality, delaying the signs of aging. Recover a fuller and even skin and a luminous complexion!

CARITA: Nutrition au lait de riz 90min - 95€ 60min - 70€

Give your skin the essetnial nutrients for its vitality and comfort thanks to this treatment especially designed for dry skin with lack of comfort. It helps restore the balance of the skin, providing hydration and calm that is missing.

CARITA: Douceur de Coton 90min - 95€ 60min - 70€

Designed for sensitive skin, this treatment combines a gentle massage with products rich in soothing and restructuring actives. This ultra soft treatment is a true source of calm and comfort, that restores an even complexion.

DECLÉOR: Aromaplastia 60min - 75€

A delicious sense of efficacy. An indispensable treatment for your skin to regain its balance and essential well-being. It nourishes, comforts and relaxes. A multi-vitamin treatment of a delicious and amazing texture. Contains wheat germ and sunflower seeds, all 100% natural.

DECLÉOR: Aroma Experto 75min - 90€

An extraordinary sense of efficiency and absolute wellbeing. Each treatment contains a concentrate of highly specific actives, adapted depending on skin type, which will please the most demanding skins. Revitalizes instantly and relaxes immediately. With pure extracts of fruits, flowers and essential oils.

DERMALÓGICA 75min - 75€

Discover optimum skin with this advanced treatment. Each facial is customized to the needs of the skin. Provides a deep cleansing with extraction, achieving a balanced and radiant skin.

DERMALÓGICA: Age-smart 90min - 95€

An exceptional treatment that works on all the manifestations of aging, while moisturizes, corrects imperfections, provides vitality, firmness and radiance to the skin.


Designed for skin that needs a bit of everything. Uses a mixture of chrono-energizing nutrients, plants essences and marine extracts. Deeply cleanses via extraction, soothes, moisturizes, stimulates the skin, leaving balanced, revitalized and renewed complex.

PIROCHE 60min - 85€

Provides a balance between the beauty and health of the skin, this treatment based on bioenergy and Chinese medicine, helps eliminate toxins and supply energy. It includes work with a draining/cupping device.

INDIBA (Madrid only) 60min - 85€

Provides a regenerative effect highly beneficial to keep skin young, able to revitalize its cellular activity, and ameliorating the effects due to the passage of time. It works by local elevation of temperature, with high efficiency, security and speed.

DR. SEBAGH AGE DEFYING FACIAL 60min - 95€ 45min - 65€

Its Age Maintenance phylosophy is easy, reversible and sustainable. It offers everything necessary for the welfare and the glow of the skin. The selection of effective and highly concentrated ingredients guarantee long-term the desired outcome, in addition to the visible immediate effects.