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  • Aromatherapy
    60 min / 60 �, 75 min / 70 �
    A 100% natural, multi-active facial composed of a cocktail of vitamins and cereals. It improves the microcirculation, leaves the skin radiant, smooth and returns a soft and velvety tact to the epidermis.

  • Lightening
    60 min / 60 �, 75 min / 70 �
    For those who want to control and normalize the production of melanin. This facial prevents and neutralizes the appearance of dark spots with a vegetable complex. Brightens and lightens the skin.

  • Comforting
    60 min / 65 �, 75 min / 80 �
    This treatment comforts the most reactive skins. Calms, smoothens and limits the risk of inflammation. Protects against irritations and increases the skin's resistance against external and internal stimulants. Its properties activate the micro-circulation and decongest even the most irritated skins.

  • Evidence
    60 min / 65 �, 75 min / 85 �
    Recommended for all mature or lifeless skins that require toning and firming. The anti-aging mask of algae acts over the entire skin structure to replenish the needed nutrients. Regenerates the tissues, smoothens and firms the skin.

  • Oxigenating
    75 min / 85 �
    An integral facial treatment for mixed and greasy skins, that are asphyxiated and have the tendency for imperfections. Restores the skin's balance, giving it a fresh aspect, even to the most problematic skin types.

  • Renewal
    sin Pro-lifting 60 min / 65 �, con Pro-lifting 90 min / 85 �
    An ideal treatment for the dehydrated, sensitive skin or oily skin. Moisturizes, nourishes and profoundly regenerates the texture of the skin. Can be realized with or without specialized equipment

  • Rejuvenating
    without Pro-lifting 75 min / 85 �, with Pro-lifting 105 min / 120 �
    What else do we have to say: Pro-lifting by Carita, its signature anti-aging treatment that provides freshness by erasing the signs of fatigue of the skin. It uses the best manual techniques in synergy with the most advanced equipment. An authentic lifting without surgery, achieving immediate rejuvenation effect.

  • Sundari Facial
    60 min / 70 �
    An excellent way to experience Ayurvedic skincare for the first time. Utilizing the natural actives in pure essential oils, botanical extracts and herbal preparations, this treatment provides lush layers of skincare treatments, leaving the skin deeply cleansed (with manual extraction), hydrated and renewed. The facial is personalized according to skin type: vata -seca, pitta-normal, kapha-mixta/grasa.

  • Omega 3
    75 min / 75 �
    Ideal for a skin with wrinkles and lines of expression. The botanical agents and essential oils provide the skin with a deep exfoliation to brighten, to balance, to regenerate and to erase the small lines of expression. Restorative lipids an herbal extracts leave the skin soft, nourished and revitalized.

  • Detox
    60 min / 75 �, 75 min / 85 �
    A purifying Ayurvedic treatment to support the skin's ability to release the accumulated toxins. Utilizing an enzyme exfoliation and marma point massage to gently provide deep cleansing and relaxation. An anti-oxidant rich Neem and Green Te herbal face pack concludes this treatment, leaving the skin pure and calm.

  • Neem of Sundari
    60 min / 75 �, 75 min / 85 �
    Indulge and relax while you receive the restorative benefits of Neem, known in India as the "Pharmacy Tree". An authentic cocktail of vitamins, oils and herbs, increase the skin's elasticity and firmness. This facial is ideal for skins that have experienced some reaction (acne, sun damage, redness) or stress.

  • To obtain the optimal results, we recommend 5 or 10 treatments depending on the condition of the skin.

    The purchase of 5 sessions will receive a 5% discount and 10 sessions will receive a 10% discount.

Body Treatments

  • Walnut Buff
    30 min / 35 �, with a massage with warm oils 60 min / 65 �
    This body cleansing massage with a mixture of blended natural sea salt and essential oils will promote relaxation, remove dead skin cells and clean the skin pores, leaving the skin soft and glowing.

  • Aroma-wrap
    60 min / 65 �
    Four treatments to choose from relaxation and well-being, activation of the circulation, detox and toning. Each one includes an exfoliation, an aromatic massage and the application of a specific body mask with plant extracts. A true sensation of well-being!

  • Salt Glow
    30 min / 35 �, with a moisturizing massage 60 min / 60 �
    This body cleansing massage with a mixture of blended natural sea salt and essential oils will promote relaxation, remove dead skin cells and clean the skin pores, leaving the skin soft and glowing.

  • Special figure
    60 min / 65 �
    Intensive body remodelling to lose volume and refine the figure. A reducing massage using papaya (anti-fat enzyme) and vegetable extracts that dissolve the fat accumulation while tonifying and nourishing the skin.

  • Perfect Contour
    60 min / 65 �
    Contrast of hot and cold unleashes the evacuation of existing fat cells, while essential oils and fat cells block the formation of new ones. The massage drains and lightens the legs, thighs and hips. The totality of the treatment improves that body contour, the skin texture and eliminates the imperfections of cellulites.

  • Stone renewal
    90 min / 90 �
    Never looked healthier: with this treatment the skin regains its natural beauty and the body gets revitalized and reenergized. A massage performed with hot and cold volcanic stones that also include a good exfoliation with sunflower seeds and a mineral wrap to improve the functioning of the skin cells.

  • Tired Legs
    60 min / 65 �
    A refreshing and lightening treatment that is helpful against varicose veins, tired legs and any alterations associated with circulation and lymphatic problems. Ideal for pregnant women.

  • Self-tan
    60 min / 65 �
    This treatment goes beyond only providing a nice colour in an hour. It also is exfoliating, moisturizing and relaxing. Perfect to touch up a natural tan or to maintain a good colour even in the winter.

  • The purchase of 10 sessions will receive a 10% discount.


  • Aromatherapy
    60 min / 65 �
    Full body massage with essential oils based on the desired individual need to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance.

  • Holistic relaxation
    60 min / 60 �
    An antidote against anxiety and stress. A soft, soothing and calming massage that restores vital energy, improves circulation and stimulates well-being.

  • Shiatsu
    60 min / 60 �
    Ancient Japanese technique of unblocking the energy channels, that allow the flow of vital energy or chi through the organism.

  • Stones
    60 min / 70 �
    A traditional massage over the body's meridians with stones and oils that through their resonances and heat allow for the transmission of energy, profoundly relaxing the body. The fine, satin, cold pressed oils nourish the body, covering it with softness. The body gets revitalized that lasts through the day.

  • Body Break
    30 min / 30 �, 60 min / 60 �
    A concentrated massage to distress muscle tension in a localized area, like the back and the neck. It eases and helps prevent muscle contractions.

  • Anti-stress and Aromatic Detox
    60 min / 65 �
    A trilogy of calming treatments that puts an end to stress. It begins with rebalancing of the Chakras with essential oils, followed by a session of foot massage, to finish with a soothing body massage.

  • Lymphatic Drainage
    60 min / 60 �, 90min / 90 �
    Activates the circulatory system and alleviates the feeling of "tired legs". A massage of rhythmic, soft gestures over the lymphatic system. It helps to eliminate toxins, combats the retention of liquids and of cellulite.

  • Foot reflexology
    1st session 45 min / 45 �, 30 min / 30 �
    An oriental therapy. It stimulates and calms the reflex points of the feet to increase the natural self-healing of the body.

  • Reiki
    60 min / 60 �
    This technique is based on the transmission of energy from the therapist to the client via the hands. It helps to correct grave illnesses and light ones, like a simple head ache. In every session it helps to achieve inner peace, relaxation of the nervous system, and the easing of stress and anxiety.

  • The purchase of 10 sessions will receive a 10% discount.

Men's Care

  • Men's Skin Fitness Facial
    60 min / 65 �, 75 min / 75 �
    Tailored to the specific needs of the male skin that gets easily irritated. It smoothens the roughest areas, purifies and cleanses the pores, combats blemishes and alleviates the irritations caused by shaving.

  • Energizing Facial
    60 min / 70 �, 75 min / 80 �
    It is an ideal treatment to return the energy, vitality and luminosity to a tired skin. Provides balance, eliminates impurities, leaving the skin clean and soft. The vitamins and the botanical extracts moisturize, smoothen and create a new texture to the skin.

  • Chi-Zen Detox Facial
    60 min / 65 �, 75 min / 75 �
    A detoxifying facial, that combats skin fatigue. It eliminated toxins and fortifies the defences against contamination, stress and free radicals. Calms, refreshes and softens.

  • Calm
    60 min / 70 �
    A head massage with enriched cocoa oils that nourishes and repairs the scalp. The active ingredients strengthen the hair, stimulate hair growth, rejuvenate and calm. The hour version also includes dry peeling and a moisturizing body massage.

  • Marine Body Peel
    30 min / 35 �, with a moisturizing massage 60 min / 65 �
    A deep exfoliation with marine salts. The micro-particles of the salts eliminate the dead skin cells and cleanse the skin profoundly, leaving it polished and soft. After a refreshing shower, a hydrating marine spray is applied to finish off the peeling. In case of opting for the option with a moisturizing massage, a cream of botanical extracts is applied during a relaxing massage session.

  • Masculine Sport Waxing
    • Full legs39 �
    • Chest35 �
    • Back35 �
    • Arms25 �
    • Under arms15 �

  • Manicure & Pedicure
    • Basic Manicure25 �
    • Spa Manicure30 �
    • Basic Pedicure30 �
    • Spa Pedicure35 �

  • Aromatic Baths
    30 min / 35 �
    An immersion in a hydrotherapy bath to help stimulate the circulation and to relax body and mind. It boosts the effectiveness of a massage or body treatment. Each bath is personalized.


  • Sea Breeze
    2 hours / 129 �
    Relaxing hydrotherapy bath enriched with sea salts, mud wrap and a moisturizing body massage.

  • Aromatherapy Deluxe
    2,5 hours / 159 �
    Aromatherapy peel, body massage with essential oils and an aromatherapy facial.

  • Ayurvedic Delicacies
    2,5 hours / 169 �
    Facial Sundari, walnut buff and 1 hour massage with warm oils.

  • Beauty & Health
    3 hours / 179 �
    Aromatic bath, holistic massage or shiatsu (to choose), detox facial and a basic manicure.

  • Ladies� Care
    3,5 hours / 199 �
    Renewal facial, salt glow with massage, spa manicure and basic pedicure.

  • Men's Sport Pack
    2 hours / 119 �
    Body break 30 min, skin fitness facial and a basic manicure.

  • Man of Today
    3 hours / 169 �
    Energizing facial, marine body peel with 1 hour massage and basic manicure.

  • Gentleman�s Care
    3,5 hours / 199 �
    Aromatic bath, holistic massage or shiatsu (to choose),facial (to choose), basic manicure and pedicure.

Other Treatments

  • Baths
    • Aromatic
      30 min / 35 �
      An immersion in a hydrotherapy bath to help stimulate the circulation and to relax body and mind. It boosts the effectiveness of a massage or body treatment. Each bath is personalized.

  • Manicure & Pedicure
    • Basic Manicure 25 �
    • Spa Manicure 30 �
    • Basic Pedicure 30 �
    • Spa Pedicure 35 �
    • Polish Change 8 �

  • Waxing(with natural wax)
    • Full legs * 25 �
    • Half legs * 17 �
    • Bikini * 10 �
    • Brazilian bikini * from 20 �
    • Arms * 17 �
    • Upper Lip 8 �
    • Eye Brows with tweezers 8 �
    • Eye brow design/re-shaping 20 �
    • Under arms 10 �

    * There is an additional charge for services with the rose wax of 10 �

    • Eyelash tint 20 �
    • Eyelash permanent 35 �
    • Eyelash tint and permanent 50 �

    • We have gift certificates for all the treatments and products.


Chi Spa proposes for the most beautiful day of your life a variety of packs so that you could best choose according to your needs.

Medium term pack: get started two months before the day of your wedding.

  • 5 session of special figure treatment 1 per week
  • 5 facials 1 every 10 days
  • 4 manicures and pedicures every 2 weeks
  • 2 complete wax packs (full legs, bikini, under arms, upper lip and eye brows)


Short term pack: we begin one month before your big day

  • 2 facials
  • 2 body treatments of 1 hour
  • 2 manicures and pedicures
  • Complete wax packs (full legs, bikini, under arms, upper lip and eye brows)


Last minute pack: the same week of your wedding.

  • Facial
  • Body treatment
  • Manicure y pedicure
  • Complete wax packs (full legs, bikini, under arms, upper lip and eye brows)


My girlfriends & I pack: close the spa for your best friends and share with them some relaxing beauty moments. We can customize the packs according to the needs of each and everyone. Furthermore, we can jazz up the occasion with some catering.


In the Chi Spa we use the following products in our treatments and have the corresponding selection of products available in our spa shop at your disposal.