VOGUE - February 2003

"The time at the Chi Spa has no limits. This new space was conceived to forget about stress and to enjoy beauty treatments along with its magnificent relaxation zone."

GQ - March 2003

"Chi Spa opens its doors to offer, both for men and women, a new concept to integral health and beauty. A product shop, treatment cabins, hydrotherapy suites or a relaxation zone are some of the aspects that Chi Spa presents. Stepping through the doors of relaxation has never been so easy."

SEMANA - March 2003

"Are you worried about his health? In the Chi Spa, a new concept in Madrid with a separate male section, you can get among many options, a pack of treatments of therapeutic Shiatsu (an oriental massage that eases tension, anxiety, insomnia....) and an aromatic, relaxing bath with sea crystals, essential oils or algae."

ELLE - March 2003

"Expert hands, relaxing lighting and music, the aroma of essential oils and an exquisite selection of juices and infusions? Yes. The new Chi Spa has arrived for you and for him - with an exclusive area for men - through the 5 senses. An authentic gift for body and soul."

The House of Marie Claire - March 2003

"A new space, designed by architect Javier Castilla in search of the Chi - positive energy or vital force of the human being -, offers in Madrid body and relaxation treatments, massages with essential oils and spices, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy, in an environment that induces serenity. An island where one can recover the sensations and stimuli."

Woman - March 2003

"A new concept in integral health and beauty where one can be spoiled and can enjoy thousand year old techniques that will ensure pleasure for body and soul. Centrally located with two independent floors, the lower designated for men and the upper for women. It has hydrotherapy suites, cabins where one can get a holistic relaxation or an aromatherapy wrap, and a relaxation area to have infusions and fruits."

Vanidad -March 2003

"What a silly verb? Pampering, should always be in fashion. And by the way, spaces can pamper as well. With this pretension Chi Spa is born, a space where one can enjoy the best beauty treatments. Calmness and relaxation. Fusion of body and mind through the senses. Hide from the stress through thousand year old massage techniques, hydrotherapy suite, unequalled treatment cabins, spa shop, manicure and pedicure area. An oasis of serenity? Something like that."

Mujer 21 - March 2003

"Forget about tensions and city stress. Chi Spa is a beauty and wellness center opened in Madrid, where you can enjoy beauty and relaxation treatments. Each treatment is personalized and is carried out with top line product brands."

Vogue.es - April 200

"There are occasions where the small details allow for a global gratifying experience full of surprises. This is what happens at the Chi Spa, where comfortable slippers substitute the shoes from the moment that one crosses the dividing line between the street and this urban oasis. Once inside, one forgets the sounds of mobiles (it is obligatory to turn them off) and the incessant noise of the city, as one enters into a space of peace, carefully decorated to create harmonious and relaxing ambiances. And we continue with the details: all the cabins are equipped with individual showers for the commodity of the client; there are individual lockers where one can deposit his or hers personal objects; on both floors (the lower destined for treatments for men and the upper territory for exclusive use by women) there are relaxation rooms where one can spend a pleasant time reading magazines or having an infusion (it is also recommended to arrive a with a bit of time before the treatment to get the maximum benefit out of it), while the music varies based on the area where you find yourself. All this prepares the body and soul to undergo one of its selected treatments, like the revitalizing body treatment of marine mud from the coasts of Brittany or the Resplendence facial, which stimulates the lymphatic drainage, liberalizing toxins. There are treatments specifically designed for the male necessities, a great value added of the center, which in addition sells all the products it uses in its treatments."

Woman - April 2003

"Chi Spa incarnates a new concept to integral beauty. A space that combines beauty with relax, to alleviate tensions and recharge yourself with energy. The personal treatment, the attention to details and the interior design, inspired in the Japanese culture, makes this an attractive hide-away in the center of Madrid."

Elle - April 2003

... "After you have been given a good massage - our favorite is the resplendence facial, - relax sipping a delicious vanilla tea with cinnamon"...

Man - April 2003

... "The treatments at the Chi Spa respond to the philosophy that vital harmony is the true origin of beauty"...

Marie Claire - May 2003

... "Chi Spa - recently inaugurated, is an exquisite day spa that is linked to the concept of beauty and wellness"...

Telva - May 2003

.... "This atmosphere of relax, together with the smells of products, dimmed lights in the cabins, are some of the pretexts to achieve a total sense of relaxation."�

New Esthetics - May 2003

"Chi Spa - esthetics for gourmets. The Zen ambience in the Chi Spa opens doors to a world of sensations. To enter into this new center of beauty and health supposes an invitation to get rid off the daily stress and to enjoy the most exquisite beauty and relaxation treatments. In every corner the details are looked after: the dimmable lighting allows to create ambiances to the desired effect; therefore the lighting is dim and soothing in the spaces where calmness and peace dominate and is stronger in the common areas. A sophisticated sound system makes it possible that the music be varied throughout the different zones and the decoration is dominated by uniformity of colors, textures - dark wood, textiles in soft camel colors, whitewashed walls... everything to accentuate equilibrium and calmness. In the Chi Spa the esthetician converts herself into the perfect hostess, designs the treatments for each person, like a hand made suit, and with her constant attention achieves to transmit to the client positive energy, driving it to a state of relaxation and interior balance. This center opens its doors to women and to men; for this reason its space is divided in two independent floors, the lower destined for male treatments and the upper for women."