This month Chi Spa proposes you some ideas for relaxation, to begin to prepare the skin for the spring (face and body), and some gift ideas for Valentine's Day:

  1. We give you 10 euros off of the following massages: shiatsu, body break (type of sport massage), and holistic relaxation.

  2. Calm: A head massage with enriched coconut oil to provide moisturizing and intense repair to the skin. Additionally, the ingredients fortify the hair fibers, stimulate hair growth, rejuvenate and calm the head and its skin. Profoundly intense relaxation. It can also include a dry exfoliation and a body moisturizing massage. Duration: 30 minutes - 35 euros (head massage only)

  3. Restorative Neem Facial: Enjoy and relax while you receive the restorative benefits of Neem, the pharmacy tree. This curative plant is intensily reparing, moisturizing and reaffirming. With a hydrating rose and lavender mask the skin is prepared to receive another mask with Neem that is mixed with a tonic of flowers and herbs. The experience of this mask is elevated by an anti-stress hand and foot massage. The facial culminates with the application of nutritive essential oils to better the elasticity of the skin, followed by an intensely rich Neem cream that strengthens and repairs the skin. Duration of the treatment: 90 minutes, 95 euros

  4. Choose your body peel: rejuvenate the skin preparing it for the sun, by providing it with draining, stimulating and tonifying benefits. This scrub can be complimented by a body massage to renew the "chi" and to induce a profound relaxation, leaving the skin radiant, moisturized and ready to face the rigors of the summer. The options are:
    • Walnut buff - 30 min 35 euros, with massage 65 euros
    • Salt glow - 30 min 35 euros, with massage 60 euros
    • Marine body peel - 30 min 40 euros, with massage 65 euros

  5. 5. The rose as a gift can have many shapes for Valentine's Day. Two ideas that we propose:
    • Rosa and Lavender Mask. Price: 32 euros
    • Say it with sweetly with candles of rose petals, honey and milk. . Price: 36 euros