SPORT 60min - 65€ 30min - 35€

For those with an active, sporty lifestyle. A stimulating massage that works the muscle mass. Activates the circulation so that the muscles can function with greater efficiency, obtaining a general sense of well-being. It is a rigorous work either in a specific area, like back, neck and shoulders, or legs, or in the entire body, depending on the time desired.

SPORT PLUS 60min - 75€ 30min - 40€

Perfect fusion between machine and hands. Ideal to lower inflammations. It allows the therapist to work all the tensions and knots in a more effective way.


Deeply relaxing, soothing and holistic, using a blend of essential oils. A massage that rebalances the Chakras, followed by a session of acupressure of the feet. It ends with a soothing body massage.

STONE THERAPY 60min - 70€

Manual massage with volcanic hot stones, rich in iron and magnesium, using sweet almond oil. The volcanic stones help us to balance our body and the sweet almond oil nourishes, hydrates and protects the skin.

PRE-NATAL 60min - 70€

Thanks to an exclusive cushion that adapts to the needs of the body to allow for a comfortable position, this massage helps to alleviate the swelling of the feet, back pains, lessens cramps and activates circulation


Activates the circulation, dissipates the tired leg feeling, Eliminates toxins and liquid retention, along with cellulites. Ideal in post-operative treatments and for pregnant women.

TIRED LEGS 60min - 65€

It is a refreshing and lightening treatment for varicose veins, tired legs and alterations associated with lymphatic problems, that cause cellulites. Ideal treatments for pregnant women.


Each bone, muscle and organ can be treated through this massage of point pressure and has a direct effect on the body. Relaxes the internal organs, induces goodnight sleep, helps the circulation, regulates certain alterations and calms body and mind.

OTHER STYLES 60min - 70€

We also offer Thai massage, Reiki, Tuina, shiatsu, chocolate, aromatherapy, cupping massage..... Availability depends on the center. Contact us if interested in any of these massages.