• SPORTS: 30min / 40?; 45min / 55?; 60min / 70?; 90 min / 95?

An active, energizing, deep tissue massage that works the muscles and releases accumulated tensions.

  • SPORTS PLUS: 30min / 45? - 60min /75?

Perfect fusion between technology and hands. Ideal to work inflammations and strained muscles in specific areas.

  • ANTI-SRESS: 60min / 70?

A holistic and deeply relaxing massage. Rebalances the flow of energy through soothing body massage.

  • CHILAX: 60min / 70?

Literally, a massage from head to toe. Balances the chi and induces relaxation.

  • PRE-NATAL: 60min / 70?

?To be enjoyed starting at 12 weeks, adapted to each stage of pregnancy with a specific cushion to accommodate the tummy and provide a comfortable position.

  • STONE THERAPY: 60min / 75?

With hot volcanic stones and sweet almond oil. Rebalances our energy and releases tension.


Activates the circulation and relieves the feeling of "tired legs". Combats toxins, fluid retention and cellulite.

  • ?FOOT REFLEXOLOGY: 40min / 45?

Pressure is applied to specific areas on the feet that correspond to different body organs and systems with beneficial effects on general health.

  • BAMBOOTHERAPY: 30min / 45?; 60min / 75?

The magical properties of the bamboo transmit positive energy, harmony, deep relaxation and balance to the body. It is a deep tissue massage.

  • PINDAS: 60min / 80?

This herbal compress massage has therapeutic effects. Helps to recharge batteries as it induces deep relax.

  • LOMI-LOMI: 30min / 45?; 60min / 75?

Hawaiian style, deep massage that helps to restore energy circulation and to improve physical, mental and spiritual state.

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