Facials Rituals

  • CLEANSING CHI: 75min / 75€

Complete cleansing facial that includes extractions. It is customized based on skin type. Promotes a healthy and radiant skin.

  • HARMONIE CALM: 60min / 79€

A face treatment for sensitive and reactive skin. Improves microcirculation, returns calm and comfort to the epidermis.

  • RENOVATOR: 60min / 75€

Ideal for dull, comedogenic and dehydrated skin.

  • ILUMINATING: 60min / 75€

For irregular and spotty skin. Regulates melanin production, lightens and unifies the skin.

  • REJUVENATING: 75min / 95€

An anti-wrinkle and anti-aging facial treatment. Tightens, revitalizes and smoothens. An authentic lifting without surgery.


Based on ancient Japanese medicinal technique of acupression. Provides a face lift with a manual work.

  • FACIAL FOR MEN 60min / 75€

Designed for reactive masculine skin. Smoothens rough areas, purifies, cleanses pores and aliviates irritation caused by shaving.

  • INDIBA: 60min / 85€

A regenerative radiofrequency facial. Provides skin with glow and hydration. Tightens, smoothens wrinkles and rejuvenates.

  • CELLACTOR: 30min / 45€

An authentic face-lift without surgery. Reactivates collagen production. Improves elasticity, redefines face contour and promotes glowing skin.

  • PIROCHE: 60min / 85€

Fusion between bioenergy and Chinese medicine. Uses crystal cupping. Detoxifies and improves lymphatic drainage.

  • EGF: 60min / 145€

A facial treatment using EGF (Epidermic Growth Factor) capable of reverting the passing of time in the skin.

  • VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY: 60min / 85€

Utilizes a technique that allows the transdermal introduction of active ingredients, such as retinol, vitaminas, etc. without using needles.

  • INTRACEUTICALS: 60min / 145€

The Hollywood facial! A hyperbaric oxygen infusion of hyaluronic acid, green tea, antioxidants and vitamins.

  • CINETIC LIFT EXPERT: 90min / 109€; 105min / 139€

Exclusive Carita technology that combines the use of silver fiber gloves, galvanic currents, ultrasound and LEDS.

  • BOOTCAMP: 60min / 89€; 90min / 129€

Combines different techniques, manual and technology, to achieve personalized results.

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