Body services

INDIBA (MADRID ONLY) 60min - 80€ 30min - 45€

Regenerative radiofrequency. Indicated for all types of imperfections from cellulites, to flaccidity, stretch marks? on any part of the body, such as thighs, arms, knees, stomach, chest?. An ideal post-birth treatment.

CAVITATION 0min - 75€

The latest discovery in the fight against cellulites, a methodology that offers spectacular results in a short period of time. The perfect candidates for this treatment are people that want to reduce volume or have excessive layers of fat.

LPG 0min - 75€

Lipomassage by Endermologie is the specific, natural and scientifically proven method against fat accumulations that are resistent to exercise and diet. Stimulates the fat cell and the lipolisis.

PIROCHE 90min - 110€ 60min - 80€

Perfect for endematose cellulites. With this treatment we activate the circulation, eliminate the access fluid, mobilize the cell interchange, the principal cause for cellulites. Combination of pure essential oils, lymphatic drainage with automated cupping and manual massage

FLAT TUMMY 60min - 70€

For those people that want maximum remodelling efficiency via a manual treatment. Reduces the size of fat accumulations and stops the formation of new ones. Improves the aspect of orange peel skin and reduces the waist volume

SILKY SKIN 60min - 65€ 30min - 35€

It is a peeling whose texture responds to the type of skin and level of dryness. Eliminates the dead skin cells, renews, softens and provides extreme softness and glow to the skin.


Treatment that combines highly concentrated draining and reducing actives to get a slim silhouette visibly remodeled and a skin full of beauty. Ideal for those who prefer manual labor to equipment.

SELF-TANNING 60min - 70€

A treatment that goes beyond just providing a good aspect in an hour. Exfoliates, moisturizes and relaxes. Ideal for people who want to enhance their tan or have a good color.

AROMACOCOON 60min - 70€

A gluttonous body delight. It includes an exfoliation, an aromatic massage and a body mask that helps to recover, nurture and condition the skin spectacularly. A true feeling of wellness.