• SPECIAL SILHOUETTE: 60min / 75€

Silhouette modeling treatment intended to reduce volume and improve the appearance of youthfulness of the body.

  • AROMA BLEND: 60min / 75€

UA treatment that balances our emotional state of the moment, to help reshape our figure and thus achieve a long-lasting transformation of the body.

  • FLAT TUMMY: 60min / 75€

Reduces the deposits of accumulations of fat and waist circumference, and improves skin texture and appearance.

  • SALT GLOW: 30min /40€; with hydrating massage - 60 min / 70 €

A luxurious body scrub of marine salts and sweet almond oil. Removes dead skin cells, renews, softens, smoothens and provides glow to the skin.

  • BODY COCOON: 60min / 75€

A 3 in 1 treatment. It includes a full body exfoliation, an aromatic massage and application of a body wrap.

  • SELF-TANNING: 60min / 75€; 90 min / face and body 105€

Exfoliates, moisturizes and relaxes. Ideal for people who want to enhance their natural tan and have a good color all year around.

  • CINETIC LIFT EXPERT: 60 min / 89 €; 90 min / 129 €

A unique combination of CARITA technology of microcurrents, light therapy and micro-massage with ultrasound for a complete body treament.

  • INDIBA: 30 min / 45 €; 60 min / 80 €

Regenerative radiofrequency of 2 streams. Suitable for all types of imperfections from cellulitis, sagginess, stretch marks. Firms, regenerates and reduces volume.

  • PIROCHE: 60 min / 80 €

Ideal for edematous cellulite. Activates circulation, waste disposal and promotes cellular exchange. Combines bioenergy and Chinese methodology.

  • CELLACTOR: 50 min / 80 €

Acoustic wave therapy. An effective body moulding treatment. Improves elasticity and cellulitis, and reduces the circumference. Helps to firm up the skin.

  • BOOT CAMP: 90 min / 109 €

After an individual assessment, we choose the perfect personalized combo of treatments for maximum effectiveness according to your goals.

  • OXIGEN INHALATION: first session 25 €, consecutive sessions 19 €

nhalation therapy of 100% therapeutic oxygen. It helps the body fight headaches, stress, fatigue, etc.

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